Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Frequently Asked Questions

❤ Health & Wellness

    • At the present moment, the Student Health Center will assist in the management of hormone replacement therapy, if it has already been prescribed and started. Unfortunately, at this time, the Health Center will not begin hormone replacement therapy with any patients.
    • Dr. Redman, Physician at the NEMO Health Council will do hormones


    • Yes! The Health Center can bill insurance, or provides affordable self-pay options for STI testing.


    • Yes! They ask for and recognize the gender identity of every patient, and have worked to remove hetero- and cis-normativity out of their surveys and questionaires.


    • Yes! You will need to have a conversation with a provider at the Health Center to determine it PrEP is right for you.



    • The short answer, as per Board of Governors policy, is no, not formally, with a caveat. There are no spaces on campus where gender identity is not taken into account. Students who identify as male and female cannot live in the same room. That said, Residence Life does accommodate gender identity in the housing and room assignment process, and gender identity is separated from biological sex based on how they do housing assignments internally with the department. There is a page within the housing application dedicated to meeting the needs of transgender students. If you have additional questions about the process and how Residence Life may be able to accommodate your needs, you may contact them at 660-785-4227 or


    • Not directly, unfortunately. Residence Life is always working to upgrade and fine tune their housing management system, and will make sure that any changes to this will be noted. The current housing matching system does not have a search tool for ‘LGBTQ+ friendly’ within it. Some things you can do and look for when searching for a roommate could be:
        • Check for reference to this in the description part of the profile where students write a description introducing themselves. You can also make a note of this in your profile, if you feel comfortable.
        • Students are provided the ability to link to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so potential roommates can view those sites to learn more about a potential roommate.
        • Additionally, the roommate matching program allows students to communicate through email with one another, so they can ask specific questions.


    • There is a limited number of single occupancy, public restrooms (toilet and sink) in most of the halls (Missouri Hall, West Campus Suites, Blanton Nason Brewer Hall, Dobson Hall) in common areas. Centennial Hall and Ryle Hall do not have single occupancy restrooms.


    • Yes, there is a small assortment of these available, mostly in Centennial Hall, and most are assigned to students through the Student Access and Disability Services Office. These spaces can be assigned to a transgender student wanting this type of accommodation when they reach out to Residence Life.
    • Missouri Hall first floor also has 2 single occupancy community bathrooms with a shower stall, one designated male and one female. The bathroom policy speaks to gender identity and not biological sex in how bathrooms are designated.
    • Additionally, we have double rooms with private bathrooms, so if a transgender student had a roommate that mutually agreed to live together, this could be an option for those students. Roommate pairs must have matching gender identity.



    • There are three student groups on campus that center LGBTQ+ students and experiences: Prism, TruTrans, and the Queers of Color Collective. All groups meet regularly. Times vary depending on the semester. Contact them for the most recent time/day/location of meetings.



    • ENG 434 Queer Theory
    • PSYC 438 Queer Psychology
    • HLTH 260 Human Sexuality
    • ENG 206 Popular Lit: LGBTQ+ YA Literature
    • WGST 300 Women and Gender Studies Readings
    • WGST 200 Issues in Women’s and Gender Studies
    • CLAS 363 Women and Gender in Antiquity
    • WGST 220 Survey of Women’s and Gender Studies
    • ENG 503 Gender Studies
    • JINS 345 Page to Screen: Mo Dao Zu Shi
    • JINS 311 Race, Class, Gender
    • LING 325 Language and Gender
    • POL 252 Women, Gender, and Politics
    • SOAN 232 Anthropology of Gender
    • PHRE 361 Gender and Religion in America


**Course offerings vary by semester***

Other Questions

    • Click here for the Diversity & Inclusion Map of Truman State University


    • You can start with this form from the Registrar’s Office. You will also need to provide 2 forms of documentation. Examples include: Social Security card, driver’s license, court order, marriage certificate, to name a few. If you have additional questions about the process, you can contact the Registrar’s Office.


    • You may add a preferred first name under the Update and View My Personal Information menu item in TruView.