Social Justice Fellows

Social Justice Fellows

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What’s the Commitment?

  • 1 Semester

  • 4 large group meetings

  • 4 independently scheduled small group meetings

  • Online engagement between large group meetings

  • Moderate reading, critical discussion, & minimal lecture format

  • Completion of a final project addressing an issue of equity facing the Truman community

  • Willingness to be challenged by the content in ways that may be new and potentially uncomfortable

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Program Purpose

The Social Justice Fellows program is a direct effort to engage and educate faculty/staff on topics of identity, privilege & oppression, and systemic injustice. As a result of engagement in this program, we hope that through the program cohorts we can build a broader foundation of allies and advocates around campus who are increasingly aware of their own identities and privileges. We hope that increased awareness of identities, combined with an awareness of systems, will positively impact faculty/staff interactions with students of underrepresented identities, as well as students of privileged identities. Additionally, we hope to shape campus culture, to further develop agents of change, to help continue and advance the conversations around equity and justice, and to engage students in critical thought while actively processing issues of equity and justice.

Program Description

The Social Justice Fellows program will be a semester-long commitment from faculty/staff, and will take place the last Friday of each month for a semester from 2-4PM. It will be facilitated by MAC staff and may be hosted by guest facilitators/lecturers as deemed appropriate. During this time the participating faculty/staff will engage in critical conversations with their cohort in a large and small group setting. As discussed in the purpose, the curriculum will be cover three major topics: identity; privilege and oppression; and understanding systems. Over the course of the semester faculty/staff will have assigned readings that may consist of books, articles, and/or additional media. The program will culminate with a final group project. The final project will be somewhat fluid, though all projects must identify an equity issue within Truman’s campus community and address it through research and/or action.

Program Frequency

The Social Justice Fellows program will be offered on a cycle of 2 semesters on and 1 semester off. We began with a cohort in Spring of 2018. We will have a cohort for Fall of 2018. We will not have a cohort for Spring of 2019, then we will continue again with the cycle Fall of 2019. We have cycled the program in this way to accommodate for faculty or staff that are only able to participate in the Fall or the Spring.