SEE Peer Mentor Program


IMG_0802The SEE Peer Mentor Program is an academically based program intended to support incoming first-year students during their transition to Truman State University. Underrepresented first-year students may request to be paired with an upper-class mentor, who will aid in the overall positive experience for their mentee.  This program aims to increase the overall access, retention, and persistences rates of students of color.

Issues impacting students of color in higher education include: 1) academic preparedness, 2) campus climate, 3) self-esteem, and 4) student engagement and involvement. By matching first-year students with more experienced Truman students, we envision students to be more successful and active in creating a more inclusive community.


Monthly events and programs during the academic year are a key component to the success of the program. Through programming, first-year students are able to better navigate the social, educational, and cultural environment of Truman. We believe the key to student success must include other students, so the camaraderie between mentors and mentees in the program is imperative.

Events include: Matching event, Ice Cream Social, Movies, Bowling, Planetarium Visit, Group Study Sessions, Final Party



BETTER CONNECTED – Research in reputable journals suggest that a student with a stronger connectedness to the institution is more likely to have 1) a higher GPA, 2) more positive impression of the institution, and 3) are more likely to graduate between the four to six year time frame.

SKILL DEVELOPMENT – This is a mutual exchange between the mentor and mentee. The mentee is able to gain important skills while navigating the institutional environment. The mentor enhances their leadership, organizational, and communication skills working so closely with their mentees.

PROFESSIONAL ADVISING – Students affiliated with the program obtain more regular and direct advising from the professional staff in the office. Mentors and Mentees are often contact first regarding advising.

CAREER DEVELOPMENT – Mentors are well connected with the career center on campus, internships, research, and employment. Mentees have a prime opportunity to pick the brain of their mentors when search or applying for the aforementioned opportunities.

OPPORTUNITY – Based on their progress and performance, mentors and mentees are often the first to know about workstudy, scholarship, and institutional jobs, not only around campus, but within the peer mentor program. We seek mentors and a Peer Mentor Program Coordinator based on prior experience with the program. The Peer Mentor Coordinator, and professional staff, may make recommendations for future employment.

For Current Peer Mentors/Mentees

Current mentors are required to complete these forms monthly during their employment with the program.

Application Process

The application process for the SEE Peer Mentor Coordinator and SEE Peer Mentors is a selective and highly competitive process. Mentors are chosen in the early summer and mentees are chosen later in the summer to the beginning of the semester. Click one of the buttons below to apply to be a mentor or mentee.

Mentor Application  Mentee Application


  • February/March: Peer Mentor Coordinator is interviewed and selected by MAC professional staffĂ‚ and Applications become available for peer mentors.
  • March/April: Interviews for peer mentors will be conducted by MAC professional staff and the newly hired Peer Mentor Coordinator.
  • April/May: Peer Mentors are selected and asked about workstudy or scholarship availability. Students are permitted to have 2 mentees (unless we have a surplus of requests).