Job Duties

Peer Mentor Coordinator

The Peer Mentor Program Coordinator holds the key to the successful implementation of the Peer Mentor Program. Ideally, with a teaching background, the Program Coordinator will allocate sufficient time to plan and prepare for the smooth-running of the Peer Mentor Program.  This position will average 10 hours per week and the successful candidate can use institutional hours, work-study, scholarship hours or a combination of hours.

In addition to some of the key mentoring skills expected of a Peer Mentor, the Program Coordinator should be:

  • Familiar with all aspects of the Peer Mentor Program
  • Passionate about working with college students
  • Able to manage time skillfully
  • Efficient
  • A good organizer
  • Ability to lead training sessions
  • Flexible and able to use initiative with regard to the implementation and smooth running of the program
  • A good team player
  • A pro-active member of the Truman community
  • Willing to make additional time for Peer Mentors/Mentees who might be experiencing difficulties during the Peer Mentor Program
  • Employ a great sense of humor and a genuine desire to make the program a fun, yet challenging experience for all participants
  • An excellent communicator.

Some key tasks of the Program Coordinator and support teachers would include:

  • Under the direction of the Program Coordinator for Multicultural Affairs develop and implement a creative publicity campaign (posters, flyers, e-mails, Facebook event) to inform incoming first year students about the benefits of participating in the MAC sponsored Peer Mentor Program.
  • Attend the Welcome Back Picnic and Directions orientation program to promote the goals of the Peer mentor Program.
  • Organize the Peer Mentor-Mentee Match-up Event. Schedule it the week before Labor Day
  • Provide an initial Peer Mentor Training sessions and schedule monthly update sessions for Mentors
  • Meet with the Peer Mentors  to discuss progress of the Peer Mentor Program
  • Develop a regular online communication system (Weekly Mentor-Mentee E-mail Blasts) to alert mentors and mentees of pertinent news, helpful resources, campus and program activities and requirements of the Program.
  • Make sure that Peer Mentors and Mentees complete and submit the Peer Mentor Program weekly updates and an end of semester evaluation form.
  • Organize Peer Mentor academic and social events.
  • Meet regularly with the Program Coordinator to update and develop outcome measures for the Peer Mentor Program



Peer Mentor

Reporting to the Program Coordinator of Multicultural Affairs, Peer Mentors will be responsible for the direct contact, guidance, and support of their assigned Peer Mentees. It is expected that Peer mentors will assist with the academic and social acculturation of their mentee by serving as a positive role model and demonstrating integrity, moral character, and exceptional leadership. This position will last for the entire academic year with opportunities for rehire.

Pay: Work-study, scholarship, or Volunteer

Date: 2016 – 2017 Academic Year

Hours: 2-4 hrs. /week

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Serve as a guide/support for first-year Truman students.
  • Communicate at least two times per week with your mentees-one must be face-to-face and the other can be by phone, e-mail, Facebook, etc.
  • Complete a weekly update form documenting your students’ adjustments.
  • Monitor the progress of assigned students and offer appropriate academic, financial, career, and personal support services
  • Be knowledgeable of relevant campus resources including University policies and procedures
  • Attend peer mentor program meetings, training sessions, orientation and programs.
  • Notify the Peer Mentor Coordinator of any concerns regarding the academic, financial, and personal welfare of the students.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Ability to communicate well with others
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality (unless personal welfare is in jeopardy)
  • Ability to work independently and proceed without supervision


  • Sophomore status or higher
  • Applicant must possess a 3.0 cumulative GPA.


Forms and Evaluations